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We invest in the latest dental technology equipment to ensure accurate diagnosis, treatment planning, safe procedures, and efficient process, and predictable results for our patients

3-D CT Scanner

We take pride in offering 3-D cone beam CT scanning technology at our office. This advanced imaging provides a three-dimensional view of your bone and anatomical structures, enhancing accuracy compared to traditional 2D x-rays. This essential tool aids in precise diagnosis, treatment planning, and safe procedures, including dental implants, orthodontics, and root canals.

Intra-oral scanner

We’re proud to offer an intra-oral scanner at our office, allowing us to capture digital models of your teeth and gums. This technology is invaluable for planning orthodontic treatments, aligning teeth, and designing smiles in cosmetic cases. Combined with 2D photos, it provides a preview of your designed smile, guiding us to achieve optimal results. With our 3-D CT scanner, we continuously refine our smile transformation process.

Digital 2-D X-rays

It’s standard practice for dental offices to use intra-oral 2-D x-rays to detect dental cavities. Digital 2-D x-rays offer significantly lower radiation exposure compared to non-digital methods. In addition to standard intra-oral 2-D digital x-rays, we offer panoramic and cephalometric views with analysis, aiding in diagnosis and treatment planning for orthodontic and oral surgery procedures.