Replacing Missing Teeth

to smile freely, and chew comfortably

Missing teeth before Missing tooth replaced with dental implants

It's never too late to get back your smile

. The struggles of missing a tooth or multiple teeth .

Losing a tooth or multiple teeth can indeed be devastating.

Tooth loss can affect life quality immediately or over time, and it’s a dental concern we see people struggle with daily. Do you feel related to the following?

  • Feeling embarrassed to smile or laugh freely in public because you’re afraid of showing the empty space.
  • Experiencing difficulty chewing properly since the loss, leading to a reliance on front teeth for chewing, which can result in further dental issues like breakage or chipping.
  • Feeling uncomfortable eating with others due to embarrassment over chewing.
  • Hardly using the current flippers or dentures as they are uncomfortable or unattractive.

If you’re desperate to regain your teeth, your health, and your smile, we have good news for you. It’s possible to restore a full mouth of teeth that are healthy, functional, and natural-looking. We help people with one or multiple missing teeth to achieve this. We do this with understanding, no judgement, and no lectures.

. What benefits does replacing missing teeth offer you? .

Missing teeth transformation

We understand that replacing missing teeth not only safeguards your remaining teeth in the long term but also improves your smile and chewing abilities.

For our delighted patients, these are the transformative benefits they experience after restoring their teeth:

  • Being able to smile confidently for photos or when meeting people for the first time, without any worry of being stared at.
  • Going out to eat and confidently ordering anything they like, enjoying meals comfortably with others without struggling to chew your food.
  • Regaining their confidence and feeling great about themselves again.

Before and after close-up:

Dr. Thu Tran

Feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of information on fixing your teeth? Worried that dental procedures might be painful?

My promise to you: I will listen to your needs. You’ll receive my honest, professional opinions without any pressure, judgment, or lectures, regardless of the goals you have and the option you choose.

.What options do you have? .

Treatment options are planned to suit your current dental state and align with your goals

The individuals who visit us seeking to replace missing teeth typically fall into four categories:

  • Those with one or two missing teeth. They may have lacked the means or felt anxious about seeking a fixed solution previously but are now ready to try.
  • Individuals who have lost many teeth over time, often due to teeth becoming loose and needing removal or simply falling out.
  • Patients who have lost multiple teeth due to breakage or decay. They did some patching work here and there. Now, they may have had dental bridges that failed or looked unattractive, or partial dentures they dislike or rarely wear. Their teeth continue to chip and break.
  • Individuals with complete or partial dentures that they dislike.

Regardless of which category you fall into, we have a solution tailored to your goals. Whether your priorities lie in health, improved aesthetics, functionality, long-lasting results, or all, we offer personalized treatment options to meet your needs. Additionally, we provide short-term solutions for those seeking interim relief until they are ready for a make-over.